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Room service

If guests to the Radisson Lazurnaya Hotel get tired and wish to relax and enjoy dinner without leaving their room they can call room service.
Drinks, appetizers and hot dishes are available.  If a guest wants something more refined, he can try one of the masterpieces from chefs specials of the Peter the Great (Petr Veliky) restaurant.
Guests can order a fine romantic dinner with champagne right in their room, where no one will bother them!
Room service for guests of the Radisson Lazurnaya hotel is available 24 hours a day.
Also, guests can take advantage of these special programs right in the room:
 Welcome Cocktail, a presentation of various drinks for children and special offers (alcoholic) for adults.
 Room Compliments
 Special programs for the childrens room (barbeque, after lunch tea with cakes for children)



On 5th of June Krasnodar region acrobatic rock'n'roll open cup has taken place at Radisson Lazurnaya Hotel.

Radisson Lazurnaya Hotels Congress Hall was professionally equipped with a stage for holding sport competitions. Couples aged from 6 to 21 took part in this unforgettable performance.



More Comfort Standard Rooms for non-smoking guests!

Dear Guests! Considering your great demand for this service we are happy to inform you that from 1st of June Radisson Lazurnaya Hotel has increased the number of Comfort Standard Rooms created especially for non-smoking guests!




+23 +25


+18 +20


+23 +24