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Turkish hammam

In Turkish hammam you will experience a highly sophisticated atmosphere of the East. Because of the mild warm steam this type of treatment will suit even the ones that cant visit the ordinary hot baths for some reason.
On your choice:
1. SOAP MASSAGE - classical eastern body care, which will help you dive into the world of 1000 and 1 night fairy tale. Woolen glove peeling with rich foam from a black Turkish soap is not only an extremely pleasant procedure, but is also very good for your health. Gentle removal of skin epithelium will encourage its regeneration much better, and massage together with the warmth of the hammam accelerates blood microcirculation and metabolic processes of your body.
2. HONEY-SALT PEELING has a double effect: the salt, as an abrasive, deeply cleans the skin pores, and honey nourishes the skin with its enzymes, minerals and organic acids. This type of cocktail with make your skin feel silky.
3. PEELING WITH GRAINS AND COFFE a recipe that came from Ancient Egypt. Rice grains, owing to the minerals they contain, not only clean the skin integument mechanically and intensify the blood flow, but also moisten and nourish it. Caffeine encourages skin elasticity revival, brightens it and has a very good anti-cellulite effect.
Additional services: mineral water, phyto-tea on your choice, honey, fresh fruits, bathing VIP-implements, personalized service of the bath-house attendant.



On 5th of June Krasnodar region acrobatic rock'n'roll open cup has taken place at Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA.

Lazurnaya Hotels Congress Hall was professionally equipped with a stage for holding sport competitions. Couples aged from 6 to 21 took part in this unforgettable performance.



More Comfort Standard Rooms for non-smoking guests!

Dear Guests! Considering your great demand for this service we are happy to inform you that from 1st of June Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA has increased the number of Comfort Standard Rooms created especially for non-smoking guests!




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