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Fitness club

The Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA fitness club has already been active 10 years.  You may use the fitness center by paying per visit, or by purchasing a membership card – club card (pass) – which can be valid from one month to one year.  The club card gives the right to unlimited use of all areas of the hotel’s fitness center, and also offers several bonus programs.
A distinctive specialty of the Lazurnaya fitness club is that it opens its doors at 7 in the morning.  Guests may come here before the work day begins or recuperate their strength here in the evening when their work is already finished. 
The club is proud to offer exercise machines manufactured by Technogym.  It is of no small importance that the international level of the hotel guarantees the adherence to high standards and the most scrupulous attention is given to questions of hygiene.  We meet meticulous standards set to the ideal cleanliness of mats, plates by the pool and the clean air of the gym and water in the pool.  Whatever time of the day, clean towels, robes and slippers always await clients.  There is fresh air and juice in the gym and aromatic oils in the Russian baths (banya).

Fitness center membership
Passes to the Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA fitness club may be purchased for 1, 6 or 12 months.  The yearly pass offers the best value, presenting the full package of services at maximum discount.  Children younger than 7 years of age may use their parent’s pass making it unnecessary for them to acquire a separate pass.  Children between 7 and 12 may acquire a pass at a 50 percent discount from the full price. 
In order to acquire a pass, it is necessary to fill out a form, attach two photographs, and submit them to the customer service of the hotel at any convenient time.  Customer service operates 24 hours a day.  To get the card it is necessary to pay the membership fee (cost of the pass) and bring your personal identification with you (passport).  The payment may also be made at the hotel’s customer service.
Types of passes to the fitness club
• 90 000 rubles per person club card, valid for one year
• 55 000 rubles per person club card, valid for 6 months
• 12 000 rubles per person club card, valid for one month (from October, 1st till April, 30th)
• 20 000 rubles per person club card, valid for one month (from May, 1st till September, 30th)
• one-time attendance rate — 1 500 rubles per person

Payment for the pass
Payment is necessary before receiving the card.  You may pay for membership to the fitness center by any means convenient:
• Clearing settlement
• Cash (in rubles)
• Credit card: we accept all international credit cards
Rules for using the pass
•  To visit the fitness center it is necessary to have your card (pass) with you
• It is not permitted to lend your card to another person, or use another’s card to receive privileges or services of the hotel.
• In the instance of losing your card, it is necessary to apply for a new card.  The application may be written at the Reception.
• The pass bearer may use the services and privileges of the fitness club only during hours of operation of the fitness center.  Hours of operation differ in summer and in winter. 
• We ask that you return the pass after it expires, or exchange it for a new one.
Early termination
The remaining sum is not returned to the client in the instance of the need to terminate the pass.  However, the pass may be transferred to another person.  It is only necessary to inform hotel personnel a week in advance to transfer the account to a new bearer.  All this can be done at customer service.
Additional Conditions
• The membership card to the Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA fitness club is property of the hotel and may be withdrawn from the bearer in the instance of non-compliance with rules of the club or in other exceptional circumstances.
• The hotel may refuse the sale of a pass without giving an explanation for the refusal.



On 5th of June Krasnodar region acrobatic rock'n'roll open cup has taken place at Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA.

Lazurnaya Hotels Congress Hall was professionally equipped with a stage for holding sport competitions. Couples aged from 6 to 21 took part in this unforgettable performance.



More Comfort Standard Rooms for non-smoking guests!

Dear Guests! Considering your great demand for this service we are happy to inform you that from 1st of June Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA has increased the number of Comfort Standard Rooms created especially for non-smoking guests!




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