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The creative ideas department of the Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA functions to assist in the organization of events and festivities. The department’s highly professional specialists are prepared to offer guests a wide range of services:
• The organization of opening and closing ceremonies for conferences, forums and congresses
• The organization of show programs for banquets, gala dinners, weddings and jubilees
• The development and performance of themed theatrical events
• The selection of masters of ceremonies and performers
• Interactive entertainment
• Invitation of the best DJs and musical groups, star singers and dancers
• Circus actors and variety masters of various genres, live music performers
• Set design, runway, stage and the arrangement of screens
• Preparation and mounting of decorations, floral arrangements, hall decorations, balloons with the logotype of your company and fireworks
• Professional lighting and sound equipment and engineers
• Plasma TV screens, and broadcasting equipment
• Photos and video of the event

Events organized by the creative ideas department of the Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA are directed by experts, among them:
Aleksey Petrov – The voice of ‘Russkoye Radio,’ ‘RadioShanson,’ in Moscow, director, script writer and announcer
Pavel Fadeev – Distinguished-looking, much experience working on the radio and as a master of ceremonies for entertainment programs
Vyacheslav Vakurin – Nominated for ‘Zolotoy Microfon’ in 2007, 15 year experience with radio stations in Krasnodar Kray.
Zhenya Rasskazova – Singer, writer, master of ceremonies, participant in the project ‘Fabrika Zvezd’ 2.’
Tais – Charming personality, professional voice, master of ceremonies and singer.
Aleksey Boydzhi – Professional actor, bright, creative, with a wide range of artistic talents  of a master of big stage classical ceremonies and small performances in your private festivities
The events organized by the creative ideas department of the hotel engage the best DJs and musical performers, variety performers and stars.  Among them are:
Vitaly Filimonov’s Group offering two programs: ‘Los Amigos’ with lively Latin American beach music, and ‘Doctor Retro’ with music from the 70s and 80s.  The French and German music programs lasting 2-2.5 hours are also available.
Sergey Kokorin’s Black Sea Band offers jazz, light jazz rock and music of other genres.
Aleksey Sobol is a multi-instrumentalist and composer.
‘Diligans’ (Mailcoach) Dixieland band is a bright group playing music from Dixieland. Instruments:  Clarinet, tuba, trombone, banjo, keyboards, bass guitar, percussion.
The Brass Band Orchestra offers a unique live music performance recalling nostalgic memories of your childhood festivals.
The Parade Marching Band.  There is hardly a person in the world that would not be sincerely fascinated by the beautiful uniforms, shining instruments, marching musicians and beautiful drummers.
The Lyubo Cossack folk song and dance company is one of the best performing groups in Krasnodar region.  They have participated in many show programs and accompanied the president of the Russian Federation on business trips to Italy and France.
The Solntsevorot folk art theater impresses with bright costumes, professional liveliness and genuine knowledge of the Cossack traditions.
The Kudrina ethnic song and dance company imitates old folk ceremonies, playing the horns, rattles and other old instruments which adds ethnic flavor, and distinguishes it from many others.
The Iveriya Georgian youth folklore ensemble, offers exciting rhythms and dances of the peoples of the Caucuses, traditional polyphonic Georgian songs and can be considered an ambassador of the distinctive cultures of the Northern Caucuses.



On 5th of June Krasnodar region acrobatic rock'n'roll open cup has taken place at Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA.

Lazurnaya Hotels Congress Hall was professionally equipped with a stage for holding sport competitions. Couples aged from 6 to 21 took part in this unforgettable performance.



More Comfort Standard Rooms for non-smoking guests!

Dear Guests! Considering your great demand for this service we are happy to inform you that from 1st of June Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA has increased the number of Comfort Standard Rooms created especially for non-smoking guests!




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