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Water Recreation

If idle sun tanning and swimming isnt enough, you can utilize the services of the Morsky Club (Sea Club).  We offer a wide range of options for relaxation on the Lazurnaya beach.
 Outings and fishing on the motorboat, Chapparel (10 seats)
 Outings on the speed boat, Skinotik (4 seats)
 Water skiing (an instructor is available if necessary)
 Parasailing (flying with a sea parachute)
 Riding on a banana boat
 Riding on the, Lepeshka Extreme (2 seats)
 Outing on the high speed personal water craft Bombadir (2 seats)
 Outings on the catamaran yacht, Khobby Ket
 For experienced yachtsmen, real sea wolves, outings on the yacht, Aqva Finn.

Even if it is your first time at the sea, our experience instructor can assist you master the waves and teach you the fundamentals of the sea.
We provide a special entertainment program for kids.



On 5th of June Krasnodar region acrobatic rock'n'roll open cup has taken place at Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA.

Lazurnaya Hotels Congress Hall was professionally equipped with a stage for holding sport competitions. Couples aged from 6 to 21 took part in this unforgettable performance.



More Comfort Standard Rooms for non-smoking guests!

Dear Guests! Considering your great demand for this service we are happy to inform you that from 1st of June Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA has increased the number of Comfort Standard Rooms created especially for non-smoking guests!




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