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The Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA offers access to its own private sea beach.  Beach chairs, umbrellas and plastic tables are conveniently placed about the pebble shore.  The distance from the hotel to the beach is 300 meters.  This is no more than a five minute walk in the shade of the exotic trees.  Also you can use shuttle, which runs from the hotel to the beach every half-hour.  The beach is equipped with everything necessary for relaxation and comfort, including changing rooms, shower cabins, billiard tables and table tennis.  A massage parlor operates on the premises, A rescuer team look out for the safety of swimmers.  The Fregat (Frigate) Café serves customers twenty steps from the edge of the waves.  On its open terrace you can enjoy such foods as: freshly caught rainbow trout, grilled shrimp, shish kebab, pizza, salads, and various appetizers and desserts.  Quench your thirst with a fresh beer, which is served with traditional boiled crayfish.  In the evenings you can enjoy the live performance of Los Amigos band.  The Fregat (Frigate) Café operates from April 30 until September 30, seven days a week from 9 a.m.  until 10 p.m.. 

If simply sun tanning and swimming isn’t enough, you can enjoy the services of the Morsky Club (Sea Club).  We offer a wide range of options for relaxation on the territory of the Lazurnaya beach.
• Outings and fishing on the motorboat, Chapparel (10 seats)
• Outings on the speed boat, Skinotik (4 seats)
• Water skiing (with the help of an instructor if necessary)
• Parasailing (flying with a sea parachute)
• Riding on a banana boat
• Riding on the  Lepeshka Extreme (2 seats)
• Outing on the high speed personal water craft Bombadir (2 seats)
• Outings on the catamaran yacht, Khobby Ket
• For experienced yachtsmen, real sea wolves, outings on the yacht, Aqva Finn.
• Windsurfing
Even if it is your first time at the sea, our experienced trainers can assist you master the waves and teach you the fundamentals of the sea.
We provide a special entertainment program for kids.




Dear guests! From 23 to 28 of April 2018 welcome to International Festival LAND ART SOCHI in Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA! This festival was created for professional florists and landscape designers. A special guest - Peter Hess who is the legend in the florist



31 March - 2 April 2017 in Sochi held a Bilateral extended meeting of the Presidium and the heads of the working groups of the "Petersburg dialogue" Forum

At the meeting of 1 April 2017 was held a Round table on the theme: "the Impact of populism and nationalism in Russian-European relations".




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