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Active rest

Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA has prepared for guests a variety of excursion programs, permitting the guest not only to become familiar with the city-resort of Sochi and the beautiful nature of the Caucuses, but also develop unforgettable impressions of their stay in this unique corner of Russia.  We arrange specialized programs, planned adventures, when our guests demand not only to see and hear, but to actively interact with the environment.  Among them are:
Hikes to the most concealed places of the Caucasian Biosphere Natural Park (from 3 hours to 3 days). 
Horseback riding:
1. Horse adventures to the natural spring, Pslukh.  Go along the Mzymt River until the confluence of the Mzymt and the Pslukh.  The distance of the route is about 4 km.  It takes about 3-4 hours.
2. Horse adventure through the forests on the slopes of Mount Aibga (the route follows a historical path along the left bank of the Mzymt river).  The length is about 10km and takes about 3-4 hours.
3. Horseback riding training for beginners.  The time is determined by the desires of the guest.

Sailing on a catamaran (April until October offer the widest variety of routes according to difficulty and length)
A Russian Safari on the Khmelevsky Lakes is a fascinating 10 km trip along a forest path in a jeep.  In two hours you will see the magnificent surrounding peaks of the Caucuses, relics of forests and satisfy yourself in the crystal clean air of the high mountains. 
Fishing on the lake in one of the most recommended experiences, staged in the stunningly picturesque places around Sochi.  There is a quiet cozy spot of three small lakes with a magnificent view of the mountains.  The fishing tackle is ready there.  Just catch your trout or carp, and we’ll cook them to your tastes right there.

From May through November, on the beach of the Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA in Sochi, you can enjoy:
• Riding personal water crafts
• Sea fishing from a motorboat
• Parasailing (with a parachute) behind a motorboat
• Water skiing, wake boarding, bananas and lepeshkas
• Sailing on a catamaran
• Windsurfing lessons




Dear guests! From 23 to 28 of April 2018 welcome to International Festival LAND ART SOCHI in Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA! This festival was created for professional florists and landscape designers. A special guest - Peter Hess who is the legend in the florist



31 March - 2 April 2017 in Sochi held a Bilateral extended meeting of the Presidium and the heads of the working groups of the "Petersburg dialogue" Forum

At the meeting of 1 April 2017 was held a Round table on the theme: "the Impact of populism and nationalism in Russian-European relations".




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