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The Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA, located in a picturesque site of the Black Sea coast, offers 287 comfortable rooms, six separate two-story villas, three restaurants, two cafes, two bars, a night club, a fitness center, its own beach, pools, tennis courts, sports grounds, and special entertainment programs.  All of this was designed for the satisfaction and diverse relaxation of guests seeking elite resort holidays.  Each and every room’s window opens to a wonderful view of the sea and vegetation of the resort city, Sochi. 
We have arranged an ideal environment for businessmen arriving to Sochi on business trips. We offer a wide range of opportunities to hold congresses, conferences, seminars and other business events There are a multifunctional congress-hall with 480 seats, 3 conference halls and 3 offices for individual work and business meetings. All halls and offices are equipped with modern technique, high-speed Internet, intercity and international telephone communications. Some rooms for business people are equipped with satellite telephones, high-speed Internet and writing-tables. In President Villas there are big specially equipped rooms and offices for secretaries and reviewers.
The Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA meets the standards of a ‘four star plus’ facility.  Its excellently equipped, cozy, comfortable functions and the highly qualified staff, make one’s stay in the Lazurnaya an event. 
Guests are presented with a unique possibility to combine work and leisure.  They can take part in business meetings, seminars or conferences and in their time off work take in and enjoy the full effect of rest by the sea at one of the best resort hotels in Russia. 




Dear guests! From 23 to 28 of April 2018 welcome to International Festival LAND ART SOCHI in Lazurnaya Hotel & SPA! This festival was created for professional florists and landscape designers. A special guest - Peter Hess who is the legend in the florist



31 March - 2 April 2017 in Sochi held a Bilateral extended meeting of the Presidium and the heads of the working groups of the "Petersburg dialogue" Forum

At the meeting of 1 April 2017 was held a Round table on the theme: "the Impact of populism and nationalism in Russian-European relations".




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