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Banquet service

The banquet service of Radisson Lazurnaya hotel is prepared to serve elegant meals for travel and business groups, and assist in organization of corporate evening parties, buffet banquets and other holiday festivities.  You will appreciate and be delighted with our special event menus.  We can arrange a wide choice of functions: buffets, gala dinners, dinner parties and coffee breaks.  Our catering services are available on your request outside the hotel.
The menu and musical selections of the event are prepared to customers liking and taste. 
Weddings, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, graduation parties and other celebrations are held to great success on a regular basis in the hotel restaurants.
You may make reservations for the banquet services of the Radisson Lazurnaya hotel by telephone:  (8622) 66-30-12



Special discounts for group reservation!

The Radisson Lazurnaya Hotel invites you to organize an unforgettable business event in Sochi and gives an additional discount for group reservations in the period from January 15th till April 30th, 2012.



31 March - 2 April 2017 in Sochi held a Bilateral extended meeting of the Presidium and the heads of the working groups of the "Petersburg dialogue" Forum

At the meeting of 1 April 2017 was held a Round table on the theme: "the Impact of populism and nationalism in Russian-European relations".




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